PIckleball Saturday 5 pm.

Pickleball will be Saturday at 5 pm. The Bounce House is there until 4 and should be cleaned up by 5. We could play outside – 65 and light winds. We had 19 on Thursday.

Next week Tuesday at 4 and Thursday at 9. We will have to be outdoors on Saturday/Sunday since the Community Center is booked both days. I will update when as we get closer.

Don’t forget Wednesday at Los Amigos at 5/5:30. We finally got our last snowbird back (Mike Collins). Hear all the tales of derring-do in southern and foreign climates.

And lest we forget, this is a photo from April 19th last year.



PIckleball 9-11 Thursday, Stretching clinic at 8:30.

PIckleball at 9 a.m.

Personal Trainer Lori will be back tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. sharp with the stretching clinic just prior to our 9:00 start at the Community Center. Please bring either a towel or a mat as a few new pickleball specific stretches will be introduced to better prepare you for serious play while lowering the risk of injury. A $5 donation is suggested for the half hour clinic.

11 people at 1 on Tuesday, not sure how many at 5.

Los Amigos 5 p.m. on Wednesday April 24. Planes, Trains and Automobiles.


Pickleball Tuesday 1-3 p.m. and try 5-7 outdoors.

We need to do indoor pickleball at 1 p.m. (senior Expo setup begins at 3 – most of you probably knew that already😀).

We can try 5 p.m. outdoors, but I need a few positive responses so I know there will be enough interest. Mid 60’s and light winds (5mph).

16 people on Sunday.

BIG NEWS. Los Amigos on Wednesday April 24th. 5 pm for refreshments, 5:30 for dinner. All members & partners are welcome to join us. Expect to hear about winter vacations and get tips for your own. Here from the Commissioner and The Legend. Find out how many planes you can travel on in one vacation. And why would anyone go to Connecticut in the winter?

Please reply if you will try to be at Los Amigos so we can give them an estimate of a number.


Pickle ball, note what Dean related abt Tuesday , also Los Amigos Weds 24th April 5pm

Hey Richland PB Fed:

1. Dean wrote: April 16th, Tuesday has to be 1-3 p.m. instead of 4- 6 because of a rental. Unless we play outside (69 degrees and light winds).

2. Wednesday, April 24th all Federation members & partners welcomed to join us at Los Amigos 5pm for refreshments, 530pm dinner. I believe Wednesday margaritas are 2 for 1 also.

See you Tuesday 1pm indoors, or later outdoors,
cc Dean (I kept the keys for the community center)
PS 16 showed up today

bringing clarity to Federations collaborative efforts in financing the four new courts

Fed Members:

After being approached by several Fed members, there seems to be no way out of this than to tell the truth.
Lisa and I have made two grants from our donor fund of $5500 each totaling $11,000 to finance the four new courts.

We didn’t want this to get out, but the overwhelming response from you, prompted my effort to clarify.

We expect there will be other costs perhaps for some amenities that go beyond $11k.

If you are >70-1/2, you can write a check from your IRA to the Park & Rec to be set aside for future costs associated w/the Federation Pickleball. This is called a “qualified charitable distribution.” QCD

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) – Fidelity

If you are <70-1/2, you have a couple options
1. Write a check to Park & Rec for future costs associated w/the Fed & Pickleball

2. and/or Write a check to us, Joel and Lisa and know for every dollar (since you can’t deduct), your contributions will be worth $1.50 to the Rewald’s because what we granted was pretax i.e. a tax deduction*

Thank you for responding as you have, and I am sorry for creating the confusion. We hope this clears the air.
Joel (Lisa)
*The $11000 we granted worst case would only cost us about $7000 after taxes, so every dollar we receive after taxes, lowers our investment from $7,000. Hope that makes sense.

The subject of play that is appropriate for all, especially while we’re limited for a while playing indoors surfaced again:

Richland PB Fed:
The subject of play that is appropriate for all, especially while we’re limited for a while playing indoors surfaced again:
Beginning tomorrow, on Tuesday, let’s set aside one of the three indoor courts as a challenge court. This is where as one member put it, “is there the boys can let their testosterone fly.” Ladies are welcome to play as well, but know, there is no holding back on play here. The other two courts, the boys will play like gentlemen, won’t we?

The four new courts status:
The Federation guaranteed the Park & Rec that the Fed will finance the new courts just as we did the old ones. So far three members have approached the FED to help out. Park and Rec has a 501-c-3 so if you are 70-1/2+, you are eligible to direct your IRA to make a distribution directly to Park & Rec. If you need direction, email me as to how: joelrewald@yahoo.com . If you are <70-1/2, more than likely your contribution will NOT be itemized. Still we should talk as how to go about using the IRC to your &/or the FEDs benefit. The total cost will be $10,000+.

The Fed is also thinking about:
Temp fencing outdoors which can also be used indoors.

Seal coating

During inclement weather, the Fed will see if we play indoors during scheduled meetups.
Another Los Amigos meet-up was also brought up

Suggestions welcomed, and thank you,

PIckleball Tuesday Indoors 4 pm.

Pickleball will be indoors on Tuesday. 14 people on Sunday.

The 2 outdoor courts are up and can be used anytime. We are working on a way for members to directly contact each other through the website for "flash" games. For now if you want to try to schedule something email the pickleball gmail address and I will try to forward it, but I am not checking that email all the time.

We will also try to update you on the other 4 courts being installed outdoors.